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About Us

The Marine Emergency Response Group, LLC, (MERG) was founded by three U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captains; each providing years of diversified experience in maritime, and fire and rescue operations. Our fourth owner, having the same credentials as the first three, was brought in during our second year of operations.
Our owners have completed the normal courses set forth by NFPA, the USCG and others over many years including shipboard firefighting, swiftwater rescue and boat operator, lifeguard and several other technical rescue courses. These courses did not cover the basics of small vessel fires, de-watering operations, river rescue and backboarding, SAR operations, fireboat operator and many other aspects necessary to safely protect our citizens operating pleasure crafts on our lakes and rivers.
MERG has taken this as a challenge and is working closely with the USCG, DHS, NASBLA and other agencies to develop training courses to broaden the horizons of our firefighters, police officers and marine patrols to create a safer environment when emergencies necessitate the actions of these agencies.