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Our objective is to specialize in customer satisfaction. Many times departments / companies say they thought they had purchased exactly what they needed only to find it was too small, too big, not equipped properly or a variety of other problems. In today’s world, most organizations are working from a fixed budget and need to purchase the most for their money. MERG will work for the customer by using the an 8-step process to purchase the right vessel for your organizational needs. During this process, we will recommend the most modern equipment on the market that has been identified to complete the mission in a safe and efficient manner. You can contract us for the comprehensive consulting package or any phases / portions of the package for a fee. 
      I.     Marine Consulting: This area can be broken down and tailored to meet your needs.  

A.   Provide in-depth research for your area and identify your specific needs, whether it’s for a fire, rescue, security or towboat.

B.    Identification of specialized equipment that may be necessary to perform the task at hand.

C.    Provide assistance in writing specifications for your new vessel and review your contract.

D.   If grants are available, we’ll assist with grant writing to achieve maximum funding for your new vessel.

E.    We will oversee the construction phase of your new vessel

F.    Administrative:  We’ll provide an infrastructure for your new marine organization or rehabilitate your current program to include:

1.     Maintenance Programs

2.     SOP Development

3.     Training Programs