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MERG Specializes in Marine Jet Operational Training

Demonstrate the versatility of marine jet propulsion systems and then instruct the students on the proper operation of the system. Without proper training customers can become dissatisfied with the jets simply due to the lack of understanding the full capabilities. We have found that the optimal training regimen for operator training comprehension is about one to one and a half hours followed by a break of the same time.  This is primarily due to mental fatigue.

Additional students watching the instructor and student in the operators seat are also learning by observing further instructional techniques being given which they missed

We recommend training two students per day, thus requiring two days to complete eight hours per student.


MERG is excited to announce that Hamilton Jet, LLC, and Ultra Dynamics Inc. have recommended our company to instruct marine jet propulsion operations. MERG is also authorized and certified by Hamilton Jet and Ultra Dynamics to provide service and parts for their products.