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                   This section is for persons wishing to become vessel operators. Operators are the actual person(s) driving the boat / vessel. This section also covers vessel operator crossover training (props to jets, jets to props).  

A.   Jet and prop propulsion vessels – MERG will teach general to advanced handling techniques for vessels equipped with jets or props, single or multiple engines. Operator training involves hands-on operations of your vessel, while underway, through a series of evolutions involving, but not limited to, docking, close quarter handling, high speed operations, and a variety of other techniques used in routine and emergency situations. Through various training exercises, MERG has experienced normal operator training comprehension for marine jet systems is about 1 to 1 ½ hours followed by a break of the same time.  This is primarily due to mental fatigue. Listening and watching the student in the operators seat also achieves learning. We recommend training 2 students per day, thus requiring 2 days to complete 8 hours per student. Depending on the size of the vessel, it is possible to allow future students to ride along to watch and listen. Customer is responsible for supplying vessel, fuel and any other expenses associated with vessel operations during the training.