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Public Safety Emergency Response Training
NASBLA BOAT Program Courses
USCG Captains License Courses
Jet Boat Operations


This is an overview of the services offered by MERG. Each of these services are further explained on the Programs page.
  1. Marine Consulting:

§  Provide in-depth research for your area and identify your specific needs, whether it’s for a fire, rescue, security, or towboat.

§  Identification of specialized equipment that may be necessary to perform the task at hand.

§  Provide assistance in writing specifications for your new vessel and review your contract.

§  If grants are available, we will assist with grant writing to achieve maximum funding for your new vessel.

§  We will oversee the construction phase of your new vessel.

§  Administrative: We will provide an infrastructure for your new marine organization or rehabilitate your current program to include:

o   Maintenance Programs

o   SOP Development

o   Training Programs


  1. Training Programs: We provide a variety of training, which can be tailored to suit your organizations individual needs:

§  Vessel Operator Training:

o   Jet propulsion

o   Prop propulsion

o   Single and multiple engine (Outboard, Inboard, and I/O)


§  Crewmember Training: Currently we offer three classes:

o   6-Hour lecture – Designed for the novice as an introduction to the marine environment. (See description below)

o   16-Hour class – Beginning with a half-day lecture, this class moves into hands-on and practical exercises using your organizations equipment. (See description below)

o   32-Hour class – This class is designed as the basics for an agency starting a new program, which includes terminology, equipment usage, minor boat handling and team building. (See description below)


§  Vessel Orientation: Our company will orientate your personnel to your new vessel and equipment. (See description below)


§  Scenario Based Training: Need a full scale drill to test your readiness? We will put together a scenario in your area using your local resources. Our scenarios will be realistic and test your boat operators, crewmembers, command staff, and land units participating in the exercise.


§  Advanced training:

o   USCG Captains class – 6-Pak License (OUPV)

o   USCG Masters Upgrade – Up to 100 tons

o   Radar training – We recommend “The River School”

      3. NASBLA BOAT Program: (Please go to our "LINKS" page for more information on these courses and others offered by NASBLA.)

§  Boat Crew Member Course


§  Boat Operator Search and Rescue (BOSAR) Course


§  Fire Boat Small Course